Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about the Junior League of San Antonio Nominating Process, but Were Afraid to Ask

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By Araceli Pena, Nominating Chair

The Junior League of San Antonio Nominating Committee is looking for our great organization’s next leaders – and we hope that will include you! We know the nominating process is not always easy to understand, so take a look at these common questions and answers for clarification. We encourage you to nominate yourself or someone you admire by September 17th. Thank you for your interest in the future of our League!


What is the Junior League of San Antonio Nominating Committee?

The Nominating Committee presents a slate (or list of candidates) for the membership’s approval. The membership may vote to elect the entirety of the slate of candidates or deny it such that the Nominating Committee must then present a new slate for ratification.

What positions does the Nominating Committee nominate?

1) The 2016-2017 Board of Director positions to be slated include:

  • President-Elect (Candidate must have served on the Board of Directors for at least 1 full previous term)
  • Treasurer-Elect
  • Vice President of Communications
  • Vice President of Community
  • Vice President of Fund Development
  • Vice President of Membership Development
  • Vice President of Planning
  • Board Secretary
  • Board Member-at-Large (The Nominating Committee presents 4 candidates, and the membership votes to elect 1 of the 4)

2) New this year, the Nominating Committee will also be presenting candidates for 4 new “elect” positions. Vice President-Elects will assist the councils they serve in 2016-2017 as second chair and then will serve as Vice Presidents of these respective councils for the 2017-2018 League year:

  • Vice President-Elect of Communications
  • Vice President-Elect of Community
  • Vice President-Elect of Fund Development
  • Vice President-Elect of Membership Development

3) Lastly, the Nominating Committee will present 7 candidates for the 2016-2017 Nominating Committee to the membership for approval. Candidates must have completed 3 years of active service or 1 year on the Board of Directors by the end of this League year, must have an active placement and be in good standing, and may not have served on the Nominating Committee the previous 2 years. Please note that Nominating Committee members may not serve on the Board of Directors the year following their Nominating Committee service.

What are the Responsibilities of the Junior League of San Antonio Board of Directors?

The Board of Directors is responsible for planning for the Junior League of San Antonio’s future by creating and operationalizing strategic plans, and they maintain oversight of the League’s financial position. The time commitment required varies from Board position to Board position, but it can average about 15 hours per week of meetings and work. The 2016-2017 Board members will begin working in early 2016 – making Board service an 18 month commitment. Board members are also expected to contribute to the League’s Annual Loyalty fund and attend ticketed Junior League events when possible.

What is the Deadline to Apply or Submit a Name for Consideration?

September 17, 2015.

How do I Nominate Someone?

It’s easy, I promise! There are 2 ways to nominate yourself or someone else:

Formal Nominating Process: Fill out a brief online form via the League website. Log into the “members only” League website (www.jlsa.org). Click on the “Resource” tab, then “Nominating Process” tab, and either click on the “self-nominating” link or “nominating” link (to nominate someone other than yourself).

Informal Nomination Process: Provide to the Nominating Committee the name of the person you wish to be considered – either by writing the name down on a card at the September General Membership Meeting or by sending an email to a Nominating Committee member. If you nominate someone other than yourself, a Nominating Committee member will contact the nominee to ensure they are interested in serving. If she wants to be considered or you self-nominated, the nominee will receive an email from me asking for responses to a few short questions.

Log in to your JLSA account to nominate!

Will Anyone Know Who I Nominated?

No. All candidates who applied to be considered or who were submitted for consideration by someone else are kept strictly confidential by the Nominating Committee. If you submit names for consideration, those candidates will not know who recommended them to the Nominating Committee.

Will Anyone Know if I Have Been Nominated?

No. All candidates are kept strictly confidential by the Nominating Committee.

Who Serves on the Junior League of San Antonio Nominating Committee?

I serve as the Nominating Committee Chair with these great women: Brett Beyer, Emily Christy, Gretchen Garceau-Kragh, Kristen Henry, Liz Lamoureux, Sarah McKee, Katie Reynolds, Debbie Strus, Natalie Tate, and Emily Threet.

Please do not hesitate to contact any one of us with questions or to nominate yourself or someone else! Find us in the JLSA Directory!