2020-2021 Board of Directors

Courtney Ringelstein, President

Stephanie Reese, President-Elect

Heather Blazi, Treasurer

Tara Shelton, Treasurer-Elect

Ashley Barr, Vice President of Community Council

Rebekah Perez, Vice President of Communication Council

Madelyn Duffey, Vice President of Fund Development Council

Mary Beth Murphree, Vice President of Membership Development Council

Emily Daugherty, Vice President of Planning

Rachel Bruno, Vice President of Research & Development

Amanda Crouch, Assistant to the President

Sara Geissler, Board Secretary

Cassie Schneider, Board Sustaining Advisor

Casie Moler, Board Member-at-Large

Joyce Watson, Bylaws Committee Chair/Parliamentarian

Dawn Walker, Nominating Committee Chair

Shelia Wolfe, Paving New Paths Chair

Sadie Schweers, Programs & Operations Chair