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Junior League of San Antonio & The Metropolitan Opera - In Perfect Harmony!

The Junior League of San Antonio, Inc. (JLSA) and the Metropolitan Opera have a long and storied partnership beginning with the League’s beloved Mrs. Edgar Tobin in 1959. Mag Tobin, a lifelong member of JLSA, served on the advisory and managing board of the Metropolitan Opera and was a founding member of the Metropolitan Opera National Council. Mrs. Tobin was successful in bringing the first Southwest Region Auditions to San Antonio and because of her involvement with JLSA, Mrs. Tobin knew that the organization’s trained volunteers would be perfect to staff the auditions.

JLSA has now produced 53 District and Region Auditions making the MONC Southwest Region auditions the League’s longest continuous community placement!

JLSA is the only Junior League involved in this national cultural event. Members of the Met Opera committee commit to a six-year placement, holding each position on the committee, which has maintained successful auditions throughout all these years. For those who are interested in joining the Met Opera committee, the first step is to volunteer for the weekend of the auditions. JLSA volunteers are essential and have throughout the MONC Southwest region auditions history helped over 2,000 singers make their operatic dreams come true. Non-placed volunteers act as hostesses and production assistants while providing a warm, inviting environment for all participants.  Over the years, San Antonio has become a favorite audition venue for judges and auditioners, thanks to the efforts of JLSA volunteers. Not only does the JLSA provide volunteers for the Auditions, but we are also the sole underwriter for all the prizes given to the District Award winners.

These auditions have made a major impact on opera talent, and winners from the Southwest Region are frequently National winners. Even those singers who do not proceed to the New York auditions are heard by other opera companies and prospective employers.  Many of these have enjoyed exciting opportunities that developed through this exposure.




Join us on January 15, 2012, for the 53rd annual MONC Southwest Region auditions as JLSA and the Met Opera committee keeps the tradition alive and provides an afternoon of inspiring stories, heart-stopping drama, and genuine Texas hospitality!


Metropolitan Opera National Council Southwest Region auditions -

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Trinity University, Ruth Taylor Recital Hall

2:00 p.m


The 2011-2012 JLSA Met Opera Committee

Heather Russo             Director, Regional Auditions (Committee Chair)

Jackie Sliker                 Director, District Auditions

Marjory Newman          Staging Chair

Maya Thukral               Hospitality Chair

Annie Kearney             Concierge

Kim Biffle                     Judges’ and Publicity Chair