AMIGAS: Reaching Out To Our Members In Good Times And Bad

The AMIGAS program was launched in 2004 to give our members an extended hand of friendship when needed. It may be a note to cheer up someone who has been ill, a special card to celebrate the birth of a child, a phone call to offer support to a member who is having a difficult time, or dinner for a family whose loved one has passed away.

In 2019, I transferred from the Junior League of The Woodlands to San Antonio. During my transfer year, I learned about AMIGAS and I was very interested in serving, especially because we didn’t have this committee in The Woodlands. I loved the idea of connecting with members during exciting and challenging times and offering support. I’ve always enjoyed writing personalized notes and believe the art of snail mail isn’t lost! I think this brand of JLSA benefits the League by keeping members connected. A member who knows of someone in need of support or congratulations takes time our of their day to send a request to our committee. The member on the receiving end of AMIGAS outreach knows that their fellow members are thinking of them. For the past two years, the League has been operating under a hybrid model of being together in-person and virtually and I think this committee is more important than ever before

We connect with our members through our members-only JLSA Facebook page, our weekly email, our Celebrations Newsletter (twice yearly), at General Membership Meetings, and member outreach by the requests we receive. We’ve had several giveaways to encourage submissions including a Stanley tumbler, candles, earrings, and gift certificates to local restaurants that support the League. We believe members supporting members should be rewarded!

Before becoming the Assistant Chair, I was on the receiving end of the AMIGAS committee efforts. I had a very traumatic birth, with multiple days in the hospital, and our baby Gentry in the NICU in October of 2019. I was truly grateful to hear from JLSA during that time. After we went home, we also learned that Gentry had profound hearing loss; as a new mom, I was devastated. I received a card from AMIGAS at that time offering support, and my transfer group organized a meal train. I was so overwhelmed with gratitude, and it warmed my heart so much! AMIGAS didn’t stop there: in July of 2021, Gentry underwent cochlear implant surgery and I received a card at that time as well. I was on sabbatical and it really reinforced what JLSA is to me: a community or friendship and love. We are blessed to be a part of this organization!

If you’re a member of JLSA and would like to submit a request for yourself or a fellow league member, please contact AMIGAS at

April and Gentry

Submitted by April Workman, Assistant Chair AMIGAS 2021-2022