A Word from the Wise – Barbara Mohs

One of my favorite aspects of the Junior League is having phases or seasons to our membership. One of those seasons is known as Sustainer. A Sustainer is a Junior League member who has completed 9 Active years of service and 1 New Member year OR has reached age 40 and completed at least 3… Read More

Nominating Knows Best

It’s that time of year when all the talk is “nominating” and “what do you want to do next year?”  Whoa!  Wait!  Didn’t we JUST start this year???  Yes, yes we did but it’s time to start planning for the years to come.  See, here I go with planning again (previous blog post).  This is THE… Read More

JLSA Culture Club 2017-18

What is Culture Club? The JLSA Culture Club is a Facebook group that exists to allow members a place to explore, discuss, taste, and enjoy various world cultures available both in the San Antonio community, abroad, and through its members’ experiences. Our mission is to encourage acceptance and understanding of the vast diversity existent throughout… Read More

FAME Awards – Encouraging Performing Arts in San Antonio

The Margaret Tobin FAME Awards began in 2015 as a way for the Junior League of San Antonio to recognize the best and brightest performing arts programs in public and private high schools in the San Antonio area. The FAME Awards are named for Margaret Tobin (1900-1989), a civic leader and Junior League of San… Read More

Member Experience- Sara Geissler

Each month, we check in with our very active JLSA members to see how their experiences are going thus far. This month we’ve chosen to highlight Sara Geissler, who drew our attention for doing a spectacular job and finishing her SA Works hours in near record time. Let’s get to know Sara! Q. How many… Read More

What JLSA Members Mean to Me…

As the leader of the Membership Development Council we wanted to speak with Erica Ellis to learn more about her vision and what JLSA members mean to her.  Q. What is your placement this year? Vice President of Membership Development Council Q. How many years have you been in the League? 8 Years + 1… Read More

Questions with your Board Member At Large

Where did June & July go?  I mean seriously, where did they go?  And lets’ not even start with August because it’s just sprinting out the door too!  I feel like I’m stuck between reapplying sunscreen and looking for my Halloween decorations.  I want to open the windows and light the pumpkin spice candles but… Read More

JLSA Through the Years: The Scrawls Publication

Many of us wait in anticipation for our JLSA publication Scrawls to hit our mailboxes twice a year for the beautiful photos and highlights from key events, the cool tidbits of information about some of our members gathered in the Member Profile articles, and the very useful graphic showing all of our community impact statistics,… Read More

JLSA Book Club 2017-18

What:  A social club within JLSA comprised of likeminded bibliophiles. We meet at restaurants around the San Antonio area to discuss a different book each month. We also simply enjoy the opportunity to get together and drink a glass of wine while talking about our day. Every December we host an annual cookie exchange, which is… Read More

My Year as JLSA President…

Some are intimidated by her, some want to be her but certainly everyone admires her. The position of JLSA President is a position of hard work as well as honor. In the League we believe that if you truly want to, anyone of our Members can be President. I felt it was important to those… Read More