The Liftoff of a Lifetime

On July 20, 1969, humanity made history when the Apollo Lunar Module Eagle, touched down on the surface of the moon. Six hours later, Neil Armstrong stepped foot onto the soft blanket of dust to make one of the most recognizable impressions we have come to know. This culmination of activities began just five short… Read More

Discovering New Frontiers : A Review of the Community Placement Expo

On Monday April 8, 2019, the Junior League of San Antonio hosted the Community Placement Expo at the corporate headquarters. This come-and-go event was dedicated to highlight roles on the Community Council. Members were invited to learn at their own pace about the Community Placements and Community Partners by designated representatives from each council. All… Read More

The League is in Good Hands: 2019-2020 Leadership Retreat

The incoming leaders for JLSA gathered on April 13, 2019 at St. Matthew’s Catholic Church to receive leadership training for the upcoming 2019-2020 year. The 8:30 a.m. conference kicked off with our 2019-2020 President Yvonne Addison and President-Elect Courtney Ringlestein introducing the official theme and hashtags for the new League year. Addison’s love for science… Read More

Community Placement Spotlight – ¡Vámonos!

The Junior League of San Antonio just celebrated its 7th annual ¡VIVA! SA Race. The ¡VIVA! SA Race is an annual 5K and 10K run downtown that starts in the beautiful Hemisfair Park. This family-friendly event is one of the League’s annual fundraising events, and the proceeds help support the League’s mission and multiple community… Read More

We Want You For You: The Acceptance and Inclusion of the LGBTQ Community

The Junior League of San Antonio’s Training and Education committee hosts a variety of educational sessions designed to keep members engaged and informed on topics ranging from estate planning to human trafficking awareness. This member benefit helps further our mission of developing women and improving our community. The most recent training opportunity took place on… Read More

Community Placement Spotlight: University Health System

University Health System (UHS) has served the San Antonio community for over 100 years as a celebrated pillar of the medical community. UHS fills the needs of our community as a nationally recognized teaching hospital and premier Level 1 trauma center for adult care. It is also the only Level 1 Pediatric Trauma Center in… Read More


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In 1927, there was a Junior League in one hundred and one cities ranging from Montreal to Jacksonville, Florida, and New York to Honolulu. Including the Junior League of San Antonio which was organized in 1924 by eleven women with a vision of making a difference.These Leagues are united in a national organization, with a… Read More

Accomplishment & Pride: ¡VIVA! SA Race 2019

I recently asked a friend who participates in many races across Texas, “Why race, when you can just write a check to the organization? You run all the time! How is it different?” She answered me saying, “You get an enormous sense of accomplishment and pride. Not only are you bettering yourself by accomplishing a… Read More

Where You Go Helps Where We Go: A Review of the 2019 Placement Showcase

The excitement of Placement Showcase was evident as several members gathered in the lobby of One International Center, the new home of the Junior League of San Antonio on Jan. 17, 2019. Many greeted each other with hugs and smiles while some waited patiently for friends. All had eager ears to hear from representatives from… Read More

JLSA Through The Years: World War II Efforts

During World War II, the entire country was moved to support war efforts in every way possible to include changes in the labor market, volunteer endeavors, and making sacrifices–all for the good of national unity– and the Junior League of San Antonio was at the forefront of such efforts in our city. In 1944, JLSA… Read More