Signature Project

The Junior League of San Antonio, Inc.’s Centennial Signature Project will promote resilience and mental wellness in the greater San Antonio community by developing and implementing a research-based curriculum that will empower children and their families to build positive relationships and identify social-emotional needs in themselves and others.

The JLSA has partnered with Clarity Child Guidance Center on the Centennial Signature Project. This partnership will develop and implement a curriculum for children in grades 1 through 3 and their caregivers on resilience and mental wellness. With almost 1 in 5 young people having one or more mental, emotional, or behavioral disorders, the Junior League of San Antonio, Inc. recognizes the growing need and importance to provide  youth and their families with tools to fight the statistics.

As a way to deepen the impact of this project, JLSA will be funding a grant to help renovate a building on Clarity Child Guidance Center’s campus into the Junior League of San Antonio Education Center, which will provide a space to help Clarity train the next generation of caregivers and to help those currently in the profession stay current on all the latest research and topics to better care for their patients.  

To find out more about Clarity Child Guidance Center’s work, click here.

Past Signature Projects of the Junior League of San Antonio have included:

  • Creating walking trails at Brackenridge Park
  • Literacy San Antonio, now a stand-alone 501(c)(3), SAReads
  • Let’s Go! San Antonio, a program promoting childhood physical health and wellness