Discovering New Frontiers : A Review of the Community Placement Expo

On Monday April 8, 2019, the Junior League of San Antonio hosted the Community Placement Expo at the corporate headquarters.

This come-and-go event was dedicated to highlight roles on the Community Council. Members were invited to learn at their own pace about the Community Placements and Community Partners by designated representatives from each council.

All the conference rooms were in use with creatively crafted display posters and sign up sheets. This low-pressure environment welcomed questions from curious members. The representatives were chairs of the councils for the 2019-2020 year. Their excitement for the upcoming League year was apparent as they encouraged members to add their email to their lists in hopes of recruiting quality candidates.

A few of the councils present were the ever popular, Goodwill, Science Camp, and Clarity Guidance Center. A couple of JLSA members were on standby to answer questions regarding our upcoming Centennial Signature Project: “Paving New Pathways.” There were also a few new opportunities presented. The exciting expansion of our Community Placements include ABILITY, which is a program where volunteers will help adults with intellectual disabilities through partnerships with Unicorn Center and CAMP (Children’s Association for Maximum Potential). This placement is comprised of mostly daytime shifts, however there are hopes to add evening and weekend shifts for special events like dances and life skills classes. Another exciting announcement is the University Health System Placement is now allowing all Actives to participate. Previously, it was only open to Active Preferred and Active Elite status members only. Volunteers interact directly with the children in the pediatric unit. These fulfilling placements will surely fill up quickly, so be sure to select them in your top three.

Community Placements open up on Digital Cheetah beginning May 1, 2019 and run through May 15, 2019. Log in and rank your top three choices! Best of luck to all the incoming members of the 2019-2020 year!