Happy League New Year!

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Courtney Ringelstein, 2017-2018 Board Member at Large


Hey Y’all,

Let me introduce myself, I’m Courtney Ringelstein your Board Member at Large (BMAL) and I want to let you know a little more about me and what exactly I do for the League.

First, a little about me (the condensed version of course)…

I’m a San Antonio girl that was transplanted to Pleasanton. I am living proof that it’s true what they say – you can take the girl out of the city but you can’t take the city out of the girl! You have no idea how much I would pay just to have pizza delivered to my house. I’m a wife, a mom of 2 boys and my world is described in one word – CHAOS (but I wouldn’t trade it). I recently closed my boutique, Trailer Park Trinkets, to focus on my family and my volunteer work. Cooking is my therapy, well shopping is too but that gets expensive. I believe in giving 110% in everything I do and have been described on many occasions as “over-the-top” (#gobigorgohome)!

So what EXACTLY is the Board Member at Large?!

And every time I say my title I laugh a little because I feel like LARGE should be emphasized in an announcer type way, I’m silly like that. OK, let’s be serious, It is a slated position by nominating but then voted on by the membership. Thank you – I am still extremely humbled to have received the vote for this position.

My main job is to be the voice of the membership at the board table. I represent you, the membership. So if an issue or hot topic is being discussed, it is my job to give input based on what the membership wants, not what Courtney wants.

One of my many goals this year is to work closely with the membership learning exactly what concerns you have. I really want your calls, texts, emails, messages and notes on the surveys! I need you to tell me what you want, what concerns you, what ideas you have, what you want to see from your League career. I want it all! #TeamworkMakesTheDreamWork and I believe that if we work together we can really make a difference – that sounds super cheesy but it’s true. If I do not have an answer right away, I promise we will find one as soon as possible. If we can’t find an answer, we will find the path that we need to take to get the answer we are looking for. I am here for you! You (the membership) chose me to represent you and that is exactly what I am going to do.

I look forward to attending lots of meetings, shifts, and events. The goal is to not only show my support but to be accessible to the membership as much as possible. I want to meet everyone but fair warning – I’m a hugger. This year is going to be outstanding – let’s make a difference but let’s do it together!

Smiles ~

Courtney Ringelsetein

(210) 316-6146