Brand Integrity

We communicate about Junior League of San Antonio in all of our everyday communications both internal and external. Whether we’re launching a campaign or simply putting a cover page on a proposal or fax, our name is sending a message. Each communication, whether it be a business card, email, or signage that carries Junior League of San Antonio also carries with it a message about our reputation and influence within our profession. We all play a vital role when sending these messages and without proper standards, our identity can become vulnerable.

The utmost adherence to the branding guidelines is appreciated and beneficial to every member. When properly used by all, this manual strengthens our public image and impacts everyone we serve.

Our brand is more than just logos, colors, events, or even ads. Our brand style is not limited to a single campaign message. Our brand represents the impact we have created in our community since 1924.

For consistency of brand integrity, the application, placement, and color usage of our logo, positioning statement and tagline must be reviewed and approved by the president and vice president of communications. Please review Junior League of San Antonio bylaws for complete approval process.