Design Elements

In addition to the primary and secondary logos, the wheel is an alternative design element. The wheel can be used in a range of ways, from an accent to a feature graphic element. The wheel may only be colored in the approved colors as described in this guide. The wheel can have varying levels of transparency, and does not have an area of isolation.

Directions: To download an image file, click on the appropriate link and a new window will pop-up. Right click on the image and choose “Save Image As” or “Save Target As” to save the file to your computer.

What’s the difference between a PNG and a JPG?

PNG JPEG (72 dpi)
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JPG (or JPEG) is a raster image that is often used for photographs on the web. JPGs can be optimized, when saving them out of photoshop, to find the perfect balance of small file size and high quality. On the web, you want your images files to be as small as they can be so your site loads quickly, but large enough to still appear crisp and not pixilated. A JPG can’t have a transparent background so they are always in the shape of a rectangle or square with a solid background.

Best use = rectangle or square photos and photographs on your website.

PNG is another raster image type. For the general marketer, the main difference to understand between a PNG and JPG is that a PNG can have a transparent background and is generally larger and higher quality. Therefore a PNG is ideal for saving logo files for websites because they can be placed over a colored background.

Best use = logos, icons and other images where a transparent background is preferred.


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