Member Requirements

The Junior League of San Antonio supports agencies and programs that work every day to meet the rising needs in our community through volunteer support and funding. We are the non-profit that supports other non-profits and by working together, we’re building a better community in San Antonio.

Your first year of The Junior League of San Antonio is your New Member year. The purpose of this first-year training is to expose each volunteer to the various community and In-League activities of The Junior League of San Antonio. The New Member class of members is approximately 100 women who lend support to each other as they share their new member year experience.

Your New Member year of The Junior League of San Antonio takes commitment to meet the obligations, but the rewards are in the new opportunities to serve, learn new skills, and new friendships. All members meet financial obligations and other commitments annually.

A New Member Must

Meet Financial Obligations

Attend Training Events and Meetings

  • Attend New Member Super Saturday Event
  • Attend five JLSA General Membership meetings
  • Attend four New Member Small Cluster meetings (with New Member Mentors)
  • Attend three New Member Large Cluster meetings
  • Attend three Community Awareness Training Events
  • Attend one JLSA Board of Directors meeting
  • Attend the Placement Showcase
  • Complete Annual Survey at the end of the New Member Year

Complete Volunteer Shifts 

  • Complete three Mission Credit Hours
  • Complete the New Member Fundraiser Project
  • Complete the New Member Community Project
  • Complete 21 SA Works volunteer hours

After your New Member year, you will become an Active member of the Junior League of San Antonio, Inc. The requirements for the Active member are different than that of the New Member.

An Active Member Must

  • Meet financial obligations $243 annual dues
  • Attend General Membership Meetings
  • Complete at least 45 hours in a Community or In-League Placement
  • Complete Mission Credit Hours
  • Collect and donate at least $100 worth of items to Goodwill
  • Complete Annual Survey at the end of the League Year

A Sustaining Member must

  • Meet financial obligations $98 annual dues


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