Member Experience- Sara Geissler

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Each month, we check in with our very active JLSA members to see how their experiences are going thus far. This month we’ve chosen to highlight Sara Geissler, who drew our attention for doing a spectacular job and finishing her SA Works hours in near record time. Let’s get to know Sara!

Q. How many years have you been in the Junior League?

A. This is my New Member year in the Junior League of San Antonio.


Q. Why did you choose to join the Junior League?

A. I joined the Junior League because it was something that I had always wanted to do. My mother and aunts were all in the Junior League in Baton Rouge, LA. I got an additional push from a close friend heavily involved in JLSA, Emily Daugherty.


Q. What community organizations did you work with to fulfill your SA Works hours?

A. I fulfilled my SA Works shifts at the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Kinetic Kids, The Alzheimer’s Association, Boy Scout Camp and Reaching Maximum Independence.


Q. What kind of duties were you asked to do?

A. Throughout my shifts I did a variety of tasks including, setting up the Kinetic Kids Expo, data entry for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, registering campers at Boy Scout Camp and dancing the day away at Reaching Maximum Independence.


Q. What volunteer shift did you enjoy the most and why?

A. My favorite shift was the dance at Reaching Maximum Independence. JLSA members were tasked with dancing with special needs adults at their summer dance. It was very rewarding and I think I speak for all that attended that we had a great time.


Q. Why did you choose to complete your SA Works hours so quickly?

A. I chose to complete my hours quickly because I am a school teacher. I wanted to get my obligation taken care of while I had the time, before the school year really kicks off.


Q. What has been your favorite Junior League of San Antonio experience thus far?

A. My favorite JLSA experience thus far has been just getting to know other ladies in my community and seeing some of the great programs that are offered throughout the city.


Q. In the upcoming months, what are you looking forward to in your League life?

A. I am looking forward to Holiday Ole and meeting more awesome people.


Q. Tell us a bit more about yourself.

A. I have been married to my husband, Rob, for twenty years this October. We have two children, Samuel and Olivia. We also have a dog, Bandit. I teach fourth grade in NISD. My hobbies include reading, hanging out with friends, and traveling. I enjoy any food with cheese and love a good Pinot Noir.

By Crystal Sperber