New Actives Participate in Homemade Pasta Making Event

With flour sifted on the counter, water boiling in a pot, and wine bottles scattered around the kitchen (for rolling the dough and drinking!), members of the New Actives Committee learned to make their own pasta.

New Active’s Chair, Brandi Adams, along with her husband, and fellow Junior League member, Alanna Tan, all taught fellow members Alyssa Ramirez, Summer Kotson, Laurel Dixon, Nicole Alibi, and Laura Tannenbaum how to make spinach and traditional pasta that they were able to take for a meal at home, as well as to enjoy together as a group of friends.

We topped the delicious pasta with a homemade tomato-based sauce, a slice of hot bread, and a glass of red wine.  The conversation lasted until late into the night and was filled with getting to know each other individually and as League members.  It was a time of learning, eating, and building new friendships.

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Article by Brandi Adams