Summer in San Antonio

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With no fireworks and little to no rain, summer’s been a little different than usual for most San Antonians.  The one thing we can count on to remain the same is the heat!

Actually, there’s more than one thing that stays constant in San Antonio. We continue to enjoy the benefits of a city that drives tourism and that remains above the national average when it comes to troubling economic issues. From the Alamo to SeaWorld to Fiesta Texas to our growing culinary scene, San Antonio is the most visited city in Texas. This distinction makes our efforts even more important.

The visibility of our city means that we, the women who serve the community, are even more important. We may attract tourists who visit San Antonio for a  day or a week and who enjoy our golf courses, amusement parks and restaurants, but those of us who volunteer make San Antonio a better place to live for people who spend their entire year, day in and day out, here and call the Alamo City home.

Our new members are hard at work earning their hours and striving toward active status. In fact, some of them (like a member you’ll read about in our September edition of Scrawls) are more than halfway through their community service requirement – that’s putting summer in San Antonio to good use! Ole Committee members are doing the same, planning and preparing for an outstanding fall event that will generate funds and create future opportunities for service.

What are you doing this summer? Whatever it is, we’re sure you’re making your own impacts. Whether you’re spending the summer travelling the world or touring local museums with your children, we want to hear about the changes happening in your life and how you’re enriching your world, your community and yourself during these blazing summer months!