Welcome First Year Actives

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FYA Training Event


“Congratulations! The hardest part is over! We don’t always have the opportunity to do what we love so make sure that JLSA serves that role in your life. Sign up for placements and committees thet challenge you, that interest you and that make you a better person. JLSA is here to help you grow professionally and personally, take advantage of that, but most important of all is to make sure you have fun!”    

– Janet Pedrotti, First Year Actives Chair

What is a First Year Active (FYA)?

A FYA is a member that has completed her New Member year and has moved on to become an official Active Member.

How are FYAs different than New Members?

The two main differences are that FYA have the ability to chose their own placement, whether it be an appointed position or a placement in the community and they are now able to vote at General Membership Meetings.

FYA Training Event

How many FYAs does JLSA have this year?

As of right now, JLSA has 74 FYAs!


Any special plans in the works for FYAs? 

Yes! FYA will receive a monthly newsletter targeted specifically for them so help them navigate through their first year. We will also have monthly check ins, some will be in person events and some will be virtual.

Who can FYAs contact if they need assistance?

FYA can contact Janet Pedrotti at FYA@jlsa.org.

Janet Pedrotti, First Year Active Chair

A little about Janet Pedrotti, YOUR First Year Active Chair:

I’ve been in JLSA for 6 years serving on Membership Development Council for most of that time. My current position of First Year Actives Chair gives me the opportunity to work with all the FYAs. I know how difficult it is to go from the cocoon of a cluster in your New Member year to be set free to fly solo in your first year of active membership. I personally wouldn’t have made it through my FYA had it not been for my cluster mates that helped guide me and keep me on track. I know not everyone has that safety net so I’m thrilled to serve in that role this year. I want to make sure that this year runs as smoothly as possible.


By Crystal Sperber