Where You Go Helps Where We Go: A Review of the 2019 Placement Showcase

The excitement of Placement Showcase was evident as several members gathered in the lobby of One International Center, the new home of the Junior League of San Antonio on Jan. 17, 2019.

Many greeted each other with hugs and smiles while some waited patiently for friends. All had eager ears to hear from representatives from all parts of the League who were ready to educate them about potential jobs for next year. The logistics of the event were member centric. The attendees were invited to take a look inside the new office space and pick a room to settle in for the night. Each presenting council or committee created mobile presentations to rotate from room to room every 30 or so minutes. The focus was to have a real conversation about the several opportunities our members have to consider for the new League year.

The greatest takeaway seemed to be that the League is a place to pursue your interests in a safe environment. Not only were our members encouraged to investigate the possibility of a new skill set such as, photography or fundraising, but were assured that regardless of what their role in the League, there will be a support team to help guide them along the way.

So, what are the next steps? It depends entirely on whether the member prefers to work a community-faced position or a JLSA support position:

If a JLSA support position is requested, appointed jobs sign up opens Jan. 23 thru Feb. 15. Members are instructed to choose and rank three options. If a member still has interest in a community-faced placement, there will be an option to select “undetermined community placement.” Draft day is Sun., Feb. 24, so members will be notified the status of their appointed job requests that week.

For those that are confident they want to be community facing, or a placed job, sign up begins May 1 and closes on May 15. There is no need to participate in the Jan. 23 appointed jobs submissions.

This evening was a reminder that by investing time and resources in our members, we are able to equip ourselves as a whole to give the community the best of our members and further the mission of the League. We all look forward to another successful Junior League year.