President’s Message

I am honored, humbled and so excited to serve as the 99th President of the Junior League of San Antonio. As a member of JLSA, I have had opportunities to serve the community, develop new skills and make lifelong friendships. My hope is that each of you has a similar experience in the year to come.

This year, we will be Celebrating JLSA’s Legacy: 99 Years of Improving Communities and Empowering Women. Legacy. What does that word mean? What does it mean to leave a legacy? Or celebrate a legacy?

I come from a local construction family. For four generations, both sides of my family have been integrally involved in shaping the brick and mortar of San Antonio. From my grandfather’s impact at Hemisfair during the World’s Fair in 1968 to my dad’s leadership on improvements at Trinity University and the McNay Art Museum, all it takes is one glance out my downtown office window at the San Antonio skyline to literally see the legacy my family has had on my beloved hometown. My relatives and their colleagues put in the long hours on jobsites—often in sweltering heat with never-ended deadlines—to build a legacy of physical structures that will outlast their generation.

99 years ago a small group of 11 women gathered together and founded the Junior League of San Antonio. Since then, this organization has forever changed the lives of thousands of women and improved the San Antonio community in measurable and significant ways. Next year, we will be entering the league’s 99th year. 99 years of women working together to serve the community. 99 years of developing women leaders through our organization who have then gone out to serve as politicians, professionals, and leaders in our community. 99 years of building community projects in San Antonio that have served women and children, assisted the military, raised money to fund projects that otherwise would not have been funded and started partnerships that still exist as own stand-alone non-profit organizations. Together, the women of the Junior League have raised over 25 million dollars that has been distributed to the San Antonio community. That is no small feat.

As we approach our 99th year, we are the women who are setting the trajectory for the next 100 years. We have the remarkable opportunity next year to not only celebrate the last 99 years but to map out the plan and build a strong foundation for how we want our organization to be in the next century for our daughters, our nieces, our neighbors, our granddaughters. And if we work together, I know that we too can continue to change the San Antonio community for the better.

I am so looking forward to serving as your President next year and getting to work with you to build our chapter in JLSA’s legacy. I can’t wait to dream big and work hard as we build our own proverbial skyline. I hope you are as inspired as I am by the idea that 100 years from now, JLSA members will be talking about the legacy of the 2022-2023 league year. I know we will accomplish great things together and look forward to serving with each of you next year.

Amanda Crouch

2022-2023 President

Junior League of San Antonio