President’s Message

Yvonne Addison, President

Yvonne Addison, President

On July 21st, 1969, Neil Armstrong took one single footstep onto the moon’s surface that would become immortalized in the history books of humanity. While this monumental achievement was accomplished in a few short days, it was the work of thousands of people over the course of many years to lay the foundation and establish the trajectory for this historic mission. 

As we embark on this, the 96th year of the Junior League of San Antonio, it is the laying of the foundation and establishment of the trajectory towards our centennial anniversary, that will be our calling. 

Over the next five years we will raise a half million dollars in our campaign as transformational change agents of children’s mental wellness in San Antonio. Over the course of the next five years, we will grow from 350 Active Members to over 500 Active Members by being the preeminent organization for women in, and around, San Antonio. And over the next five years we will be making a greater impact in our communities than we have ever done before.

We can’t accomplish it all in our 96th year, but we can certainly help shape the trajectory and start moving. For this, we are naming our 96th year as “Liftoff to 100.”

The work of the Junior League cannot be accomplished by one President, or one Chair, or one Sustainer, or by one project. It takes a team of trained volunteers, exceptional women leaders and the support of community members, donors, our friends and our families, to accomplish what we do every day. 

Dr. Jill Biden shared an important message at our 2019 Unstoppable Luncheon for a Cause. Her message was loud and clear: “Be the leaders we want to follow”. Our members are the heart of our organization and it is my commitment that our membership experience empowers women leaders to be transformational change agents in our League and in our communities.

We have tremendous work ahead of us to lay the trajectory and liftoff to our 100th year. A powerful quote by Ghandi truly embodies our calling in the 96th year of the Junior League of San Antonio: “The future depends on what we do in the present.

Thank you,

Yvonne K. Addison

2019 – 2020 President

Junior League of San Antonio

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