Requesting Volunteers

Junior League of San Antonio, Inc. volunteers improve the community year-round through the done-in-a-day projects. This allows our members to see a vast variety of community projects to meet community needs with immediate-impact projects. Through this placement, the members of the Junior League of San Antonio are able to use their diverse and wonderful talents to meet the immediate needs of the people of San Antonio.

Past projects have included redecorating a room for the State School, clearing a trail at the Cibolo Nature Center, hosting a back-to-school party for residents of Roy Maas’ Youth Alternatives, preparing a meal for Ronald McDonald houseguests, or any number of other creative remedies to area needs.

What is a Done-in-a-Day Project?

Projects should require 5 to 20 volunteers and 3 to 8 hours to complete. “Done-in-a-Day” project proposals may request both volunteers and funding or volunteers only. A representative from your agency must be present for all projects, especially at all times for projects with children. Please review the additional guidelines below before submitting a project proposal(s):

  • Proposal(s) must be submitted on the JLSA, Inc. “Done-in-a-Day” Proposal Form (see below). If you are unable to submit your proposal online, please email or call us for a form. (Our contact information is listed below.)
  • You may submit multiple proposals. Please submit a Proposal Form online for each project
  • Proposals must include a copy of your 501(c)(3) status and a copy of your general liability insurance. Please attach a copy of each to your Done-in-a-Day application. Incomplete proposals will not be considered.

Volunteer shifts are posted on our calendar year-round, and applications for volunteers will be accepted on a rolling basis. Please submit your volunteer request at least 30 days in advance of the volunteer date.

If for any reason your organization finds it necessary to cancel a confirmed “Done-in-a-Day” project, the corresponding funding will also be forfeited.

Funds may be requested for “Done-in-a-Day” projects for materials needed to complete the project. Funds may be requested for Done-in-a-Day projects for materials needed to complete the project. Agencies who are selected for a “Done-in-a-Day” project that has been approved with funding will be asked to submit receipts to JLSA, Inc. within 90 days for reimbursement of the amount granted. Those organizations seeking longer term funding for programs and initiatives may apply for a Junior League of San Antonio Grant.

Should your proposal not be selected at this time, your agency will remain in the JLSA, Inc. database and you will receive subsequent requests for Done-in-a-Day projects.

Click here to submit the “Done-in-a-Day” Proposal Form online.

Examples of “Done-in-a-Day” Projects:

  • Assist with community enrichment events
  • Organizing children’s activities
  • Preparing and serving meals to families
  • Administrative tasks for non profit agencies

Examples of projects which are not eligible:

  • Direct fundraising for an agency: asking for donations or making follow-up calls to donors
  • Heavy manual labor: power washing, door hanging, roofing, street paving
  • Transporting materials in a car
  • Transporting people to an event or for field trips
  • Serving alcohol

If you have any questions, please contact us at