Community Partner Spotlight: Boys & Girls Club of San Antonio


Organization Name:

Boys & Girls Club of San Antonio.

When was your organization founded / how long have you served in the San Antonio Community:

The Boys & Girls Club of America was founded in 1860 in Hartford, Connecticut. The Boys & Girls Club of San Antonio was founded in 1939; the Calderon branch in 1975.

What is your Mission Statement:

To inspire youth, especially those that need us the most, to achieve their full potential in a safe, positive and engaging environment that promotes education, healthy lifestyles and character development.

How does your organization impact our San Antonio Community:

Our organization greatly impacts the community as we work with at risk youth, located in communities that need our support the most, to help children and young adults reach their full potential. We offer members a safe, supportive and engaging environment to learn, play and grow as individuals, which is particularly important for at-risk youth who may not otherwise have a steady support system outside of school. The San Antonio chapter serves more than 9,000 kids each year; the Calderon branch alone serves 1,700 each year. Our team is committed to giving all youth the opportunity to succeed in life, regardless of their background or socioeconomic status, and we pride ourselves in fostering positive setting and relationships to make their dreams a reality.

What is the vision of your organization for the future of our Community:

Our vision is to empower youth today to start a better tomorrow.

How does the Junior League of San Antonio help you fulfill your Mission:

The Junior League of San Antonio is a HUGE help in fulfilling our mission to inspire youth in a safe, positive and engaging environment. JLSA enhances the quality of our program offerings to members, and the kids very much look forward to spending time learning about new exercises, healthy snacks and healthy lifestyle choices. JLSA volunteers also motivate our staff members, motivating them to enhance program offerings and serving as mentors to our young members. JLSA’s efforts also serve as a recruitment tool for our clubs, as parents often ask about programs regarding healthy eating and living for their children; the quality programs Junior League teaches allows us to meet the growing requests of parents interested in having their children learn more about eating well and exercising regularly.